Academic Animation

21 Sep

A few months ago I was contacted to make an animation for Leeds Metropolitan University. The video was to be shown at a conference to help explain a complex method of grading/categorising. I only had a week to complete the project so unfortunately there wasn’t much time to make things perfect. I think it fulfils the criteria, a visual aid to help communicate the message to an academic audience.


My new website!

27 Aug

SO I’ve finally come to the idea of building a professional portfolio website to keep all my finished work in one easily accessible place. It’s main purpose is to advertise myself to potential employers and showcase my best work. I really wanted to make it a multi-purpose platform from which I could have many different and diverse categories. For this purpose I have decided to simply call it William Powell Creative. Below is an image I shot and photoshoped for the home screen.

Below are 2 examples of the many photos used to composite the image.

As you can see there were things in the background that I didn’t want in the final image so I had to air brush them out. I also duplicated the left side of the area under the table and mirrored it onto the right to create a better symmetry.

Here is an example of  how I created the floating paper effect.



Fender Ad

4 Aug

I must admit this wasn’t so much a concept driven piece as a chance to practive some product photography. The below image is the final product for fender guitars.

Product photography uses more photoshop than you would think. This image is in fact 2 seperate shots merged together. The reason for this is simple… to get the best possible shot of the product (everything in sharp focus and lighting perfect). Unfortunately it is very hard to control the lighting enough to get the best product AND background image together. For this I lit the guitar perfectly and took a shot, removed it, then lit the background seperately. I really wanted the product to be in focus and the background blurred. To get the whole guitar in tack sharp focus I had to use an apeture of F8 which meant the background was fairly in focus too – another reason to shoot seperately! I shot the guitar at F8, cropped it out and composited it over the perfect background (which I then added a blur effect to). Below are the 2 seperate images used…

Think Yellow Ad Concept

31 Jul

I recently applied to an advertising course West Herts College. As part of the application I had to create a campaign that would make people eat bananas. Seeing as I was already late to apply I only had a day to create this work and submit, hopefully it turned out ok?

My concept was to create a chairty to gain awareness of the current rise in unjustified banana death through being left to rot. Hopefully the viewer should feel sorry for the banana and choose to eat them instead of letting them go off.


27 Jul

Here are 2 examples of my photoshop retouched images, before and after. If working with human subjects I usually start by defining key areas is the body shape to create a more sculpted look. I then use many layers of filtering to brighten eyes, smooth skin tones, shape lips etc,

Examples of my photography.

27 Jul

At university I developed a keen interest in photography. I had always loved seeing other peoples work but wanted to know how to do it for myself. I then enrolled on a black and white film photography evening course at Leeds College of Art. Anyways, here are some examples of my digital work…

Guido on Vimeo.

23 Jul